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At Zenbu Resto, we would like to invite you to discover through the pleasures in our dishes prepared by experienced chefs using the freshest fine ingredients.

Main Courses

Experience the true flavors of Japan with our fusion touch of Japanese dishes. Dedicated to bringing you the best and most unique Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Restaurant

MOZARU モザールー

Zenbu’s signature dish, a cheese-baked rice with various katsu toppings and over 50+ combinations of rice, protein and sauces.

MOZARU モザールー

A Perfect blend of rice with various katsu toppings covered with mozarella cheese with choices of sauces. A true fusion dish is born from Zenbu’s Kitchen.


Grilled food on a thick plate enriched by an artful cooking performance. Choose your choice of sauce Gomatare or Black Pepper.

MODANYAKI モデーニャッキー

From the street of Osaka, we bring you Japanese most lovable fried noodle, served with mayonnaise and Japanese Original Dressing with choice of toppings.

DONBURI ドンバーリー

A delicious meal set in a bowl of rice served with topping meats. A perfect lunch for a busy day!

Omurice オマーライス

A contemporary japanese dish consisting of an omelette made with seasoned fried rice complimentary with a choice of katsu and curry rice.

Curry カレー

Aromatic curry gravy combined with a variety of meat choices. A true heartwarming meal served with love.

Alacarte ア ラ カ ル ト

Ramen ケラー ラーメン

A bowl of delicious Ramen with our chef-special’s choices of Original, Spicy, and Collagen soup. A true Tokyo legend!

Hamburg ハンバーグ

Japanese Meatloaf with a tender, soft and juicy patty. Full of flavor!

Udon うどん

Thick Japanese udon with a variety of soup or cream servings.

Furai ファーライ

A traditional menu of choice, with quality meat deep-fried in butter to bring out its crunchy, flavoursome taste in every bite!

Yakimeshi やきめし

Japanese fried rice, mixed of meat and veggies, Served with Katsuobushi and Nori on top.

Makimono まきもの

Sushi in the form of a roll.

Kids Menu お子様向けメニュー

Easy meals for kids which are sure fun to please everyone.

Hibachi Sushi 火鉢 寿司

A sushi dishes on a high-heat, metal cooking plate that you never forget.

Dragon Roll ドラゴンロール寿司

Made to look like a dragon, this inside-out sushi roll is traditionally filled with shrimp and cucumber with slices of avocado designed to look like the scales of the dragon


Find the perfect nibble, bite and nosh among these appetizer dish.

Japanese Restaurant

Gyoza Cheese

Japanese Restaurant

Karaage Salad

Japanese Restaurant

Aburi Salmon Salad

Japanese Restaurant

Sashimi Salad

Japanese Restaurant

Crunchy Salmon

Japanese Restaurant

Gyoza Cheese

Japanese Restaurant


Japanese Restaurant


Japanese Restaurant

Cheese Katsu Toji

Japanese Restaurant

Soft Shell Crab Karaage

Japanese Restaurant

Salmon Kabuto

Japanese Restaurant

Crispy Tori Kawa

Japanese Restaurant

Dashi No Potato

Japanese Restaurant

Chawan Mushi

Japanese Restaurant

Tamago Yaki

Japanese Restaurant

Salmon Belly Soup

Japanese Restaurant

Cheese Tofu

Japanese Restaurant

Hokubee Cheeze Roll

Japanese Restaurant

Gyoza Original

Japanese Restaurant


Japanese Restaurant

Fish Skin


So many great drinks, so little time, try them all

Fresh Juices

Flavor Tea
フレーバー ティーズ


Yakult Blizz
ヤカルト ブリズ




Impressive Desserts That Are Surprisingly Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Japanese Restaurant

Hokaido Cheese Ice Cream Oreo


Zenbu Resto welcomes you to a dining experience unlike any others. Experience the taste of Japanese fusion dishes now.

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